ITC Engineering JLLC is an engineering company operating on the markets of the Republic of Belarus, neighboring and far-abroad countries

ITC Engineering Joint Limited Liability Company was established on September 5, 2008. The core business area of the Company is integrated engineering support of investment projects in construction of real estate property items. Despite the young age of our company, we know exactly the needs of our customers, and we do our level best to make sure that a most complex project is implemented in time and with maximum economic effect. We hold a frank and straightforward position towards our customer and jointly achieve the set goals. Intelligent management, well-organized team work of our professionals, – these are the factors which help us to meet our commitments at all times.

In the course of 7 years of our fruitful activities we managed to form a professional team which numbers more than seventy highly qualified and skilled engineers. The specialists of our company are always prepared for mutually beneficial cooperation at any stage of your investment project. We are proud to state that our work is based on the values which are fundamental for design, construction and investment activities throughout the world, particularly: reliability and safety of design solutions, cost effectiveness of projects, professional competence of employees, cooperation with respective trade specialists in accomplishing sector-specific tasks, unconditional fulfillment of the assumed obligations and commitments.

We are always happy to have you among our customers and to work on your investment projects with high efficiency, reliability, best quality and anywhere in the world.

Quality Management

In our everyday activities we are oriented at the highest quality standards of the design and engineering services rendered by the world’s leading companies by constantly retrofitting and upgrading our facilities, implementing new software products and processes, by continuously improving the skills and qualifications of our employees, rendering world-class standard services using state-of-the-art information technologies. A Quality Management System meeting the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 has been implemented and enforced at the company as applicable to development of the front-end engineering design (pre-investment) documentation and design documentation sections for construction projects, to provision of engineering services pertaining to integrated management of construction activities (on-site technical supervision of construction projects, acting as/performing the functions of the client, developer, carrying out topographical survey works).

Licenses, Certificates, Authorizations

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