We guarantee high level of responsibility for the eventual outcome

The professional team of the Project Management and Technical Supervision Department armed with a well-proven technology of implementation of investment projects will turn into reality any investment ideas, while guaranteeing a top level of responsibility for the eventual deliverables. The particular functions performed by the engineering organization while implementing an investment project, its rights and duties, the execution and termination procedure are stipulated in the engineering services contract for integrated construction investment project management.



Passenger Car Service Center at Roundabout Intersection of  MKAD Ring Road and Dzerzhinskogo Avenue in Minsk City

Brera LLC

Shopping Center at intersection of Minskaya St. and 50 Let VLKSM St. in Bobruisk City

Beltorgproduct ALC

OMA Building Materials market at Dzerzhinskogo Avenue in Minsk

Rauta Kesko, Senukai

OMA Building Materials market at Vaneyeva St., Minsk

Rauta Kesko, Senukai

Multifunctional complex comprising a Marriott hotel, a sports center a parking building, a tennis club building and a co-generation plant in Minsk

Falcon Qatar