Contracting our team as an independent consultant on facades means getting high-quality service which will save your time and money

Using the services of a façade consulting engineer at complex projects from the very beginning of architectural design stage is essential, considering high cost of might-be errors committed at early design stages or making non-optimal decisions. Besides, participation of a professional consulting engineer is very important for success of the project, particularly in selecting the façade system and glazing products meeting all safety, energy saving, sunshading, noise protection, etc. Regular design organizations and internal service specialists do not always possess the required scope of knowledge in the field of glass applications, be it façade or other building structures.
Modern architectural trends make plain use of “catalogue-listed” systems at large-scale complex projects non-optimal and unsound, which results in high-cost solutions, and therefore, outsourcing specialized consultants becomes essential. The practice of receiving free information, drawings and calculations from branded façade redevelopers who are potential project participants often results in erroneous solutions, with consequent loss of money and time. The thing is, that oftentimes the interests of a façade-specializing company manufacturing translucent glass structures diverge from the client’s interests in the process of consulting and designing. The façade companies’ focusing on obtaining the contract award “at any rate” quite often results in making non-optimal engineering solutions and using improper materials, which has a negative impact on the façade. Unlike façade companies, an independent façade consultant is primarily guided by the contractual relationship and endeavors to serve the client’s interests at best. In such case probability of using for the project the right solutions meeting all the requirements is much higher. Even fulfilling a minimum requirement to a façade consultant regarding creating equal conditions for all the façade tender bidders can be of great benefit.
By selecting an independent façade specialty consultant or designer you obtain benefit, whose monetary value covers its the expenses multifoldly. In the first place, it is due to the fact that the average price of tender bids prepared on the basis of tender packages developed by independent façade consultants is considerably lower than their tendering counterparts prepared by the client or by the general contractor. Furthermore, all strong façade companies participating in the tender do not include in their quotation the cost of conceptual design and development of the basic design solutions, as these works have already been completed by the façade consultants and can be used in detailed design engineering.


Façade-related consultancy expenses are profitable investment

Adding a professional specialized engineering organization to the project stake-holders team will allow you to considerably reduce the uncertainty level of numerous quantitative and qualitative façade characteristics and to persistently analyze the impact of the used factors on the façade as a whole, without getting carried away by instant “savings” and “improvement ideas”. This greatly contributes to mitigation of risks of the entire construction investment project.

Advantages of concluding façade – related consultancy contracts with our Glass Engineering Department


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